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Who said man can't improve on nature? Send that guy the Absorber, the synthetic alternative to the chamois. The Absorber is more versatile and durable than its hide counterpart or sponge. It soaks up liquids much faster and is practically indestructible. The Absorber is a large 17" x 27" rectangle that is excellent for wiping down and wiping up anything aboard a boat. Use it for the cockpit, the brightwork, the shower, for spills, for drying dishes, your hair, your body — anything. It can be rinsed clean quickly and does not have to be dried as it will not rot. Stow it damp in its container for instant use. If your Absorber gets too grimy, simply machine wash it. Absorber is NOT to be confused with the cheap roll-up look-alikes. Made in the USA. ON SALE. Was $16.95

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